About US


What is the most important value in life ??
For me it’s passion and friendship !!!
From these values I founded Surf – 4- life.
The history began in 2005.
After my first visit in Portugal.
It was love from the first wave.
Surfing became a passion in our lives.
Soon after successive visits to Portugal,
he came up with the idea of ??promoting this sport in Poland.
For this passion for snowboarding and general passion for extreme sports made that arose Surf-4-Life.
Friendship … is the second member very important to us. Without certain people and their support could go wrong. There are things more important or more in life and friendship is undoubtedly one of the most important ones.
We are organizing trips for all lovers of board sports and more. We are supporters of atywnego of spending time and an alternative to commercial tourism. Apart from surfing we also camps for kiteboarding. These are instructional training where anyone can learn one of these fantastic sports, or to improve already existing skills.
We started work in 2010. When it held the first surfing instructional trips to Portugal .Byly it around Lisbon, city of Ericeira. Later in 2011, we settled permanently in the south of the Algarve. There arose surf-kite camp in Lagos.
Today in 2016 after the experience gained in previous years, we decided to expand our offer and change the location of camp. In order to further develop and create the best conditions for you to learn and improve their existing skills. Now you can find us on the west coast, still in the Algarve region in the town of Vale Da Telha. It is the ideal location for people strongly sfokusowanych for swimming because the house is located between two surf spots such as Arrifana and Monte Clerigo. The proximity of the ocean causes and even longer and more efficiently can spend their time on teaching surfing. This is also a great option for people already own vessels and willing to spend nice time surrounded by other surf camps, the beauty of nature and total relaxation.

Filip ” BORAT ”